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I'm not just a girl from any ordinary story you read everyday. I'll write my own fate by following God with my faith.

Just enjoy staying at my blog and hopefully follow me.

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Another Day

Its been a while since my last post and visit. I missed sharing my thoughts here. I’m busy minding my unproductive daily life.

Still working on my Income Taxation homework. Got a long way to finish this and I hope it will end tonight.

Still working on my Income Taxation homework. Got a long way to finish this and I hope it will end tonight.

Tumblr on phone

After so many yeats finally I have my very own phone and I hope this will help me be more updated. :))

Kay tagal ..

Friends. I’m so sorry. I’m too busy to open my Tumblr Account. T_T Hope to have more free time. 


Sobrang taas ng lagnat ko kagabi hanggang kaninang umaga yung tipong hindi ko na kaya itago.


Yan ang lumabas sa bibig ko. Napatunayan ko na mahirap kapag mag isa ka sa pagkakataong may sakit ka. Napuyat si mama sakit, naiiyak na nga ako kagabi kasi naalala ko si Papa nung nasa ospital siya at hindi na gumigising tapos ang taas ng lagnat niya. Sana gumaling na ko para hindi ko na mapuyat uli si mama. T-T


Nahihilo ako. Kumikirot katawan ko kapag nadidiinan. May pasok na ako bukas at wala pa akong nagagawa sa lahat ng Subject ko. Masakit and ulo at batok ko isama mo na din mata ko. Kagigising ko pa lang. Paano kaya ako kapag wala na si Mama. Minsan iniisip kong sanayin ang sariling mag isa at hindi umasa masyado sa mga taong nakapaligid sakin. Natrauma ako kay Papa e. Masyado akong sumandal sa kanya kaya ultimo pag de-desisyon. Kaya hirap ako. Magiging maayos ang lahat kapag natuto na ako. Godbless us.

Starting the year with these…

My mom, aunt and older cousin were talking about who’s going to Australia to work. Recently, my 2nd to the oldest boy cousin is working with high pay in Australia and told us that he’ll help us starting with my Older cousin (girl) named Julia. Ate Julia will resign and will take a review & test for her to be able to go to Australia and work there. Suddenly, when I came up at the kitchen where they’re staying. They told me that my aunt encouraging my Mom to sell our house and just send me to Australia and study there because it is more convenient than studying here. my mom will stay at my aunt’s house. The idea is very unpleasant to my ears. I want to study in abroad but I don’t want to sell our house which is the only thing that my dad left us. I felt like crying that time. I’m very disappointed with them even if its just a opinion. I felt that my mom doesn’t think about it and just agree about it. Well, I’m hating the Idea! I’m having troubles and I couldn’t find anyone to console me. I’m having a hard time but I can’t tell anybody. There’s also a thing I hated when my Kuya Mandy which is my other cousin telling me that I’m stupid not taking advantage Kuya Juney (working abroad) saying that I should have ask for money because my birthday is near. And I was like, What is wrong with you? I’m not like that! If someone wants to give something to me, I’ll appreciate it with all of my heart whatever it is but asking for things that I’m not worth it for, I’m not that kind of person. Call me a prideful one but I just don’t want to bother a person for a immoral thing for me. 

I was so sad because of those things this First week of 2014 and I hope and wish that this won’t happen again and It will be a smooth and full of joy through out the year. Godbless our family. I miss my Papa. 


I want to do and maintain some Daily Diary where I can reflect my doings. It might be hard. I didn’t study these days and wonder in dreamland. I’m very disappointed to myself. 3 days left but I haven’t finished any homeworks. It will be hard because I might cram and test is coming. I wanna hit myself for not trying my very best to avoid those bad habits. I hope I can manage my time this year and study well. 

Its been a while..

I miss my tumblr Friends! <3 Hindi niyo ba ako namiss? Sabagay, sino ba naman ako? Hahaha. Malapit na magtapos yung 2013, baka naman malimutan niyo na ako? Sorry na, medyo baliw lang at nasa outer space ang utak ko. :D

Having fun in the middle of hardship is like Light in the middle of darkness. 

Having fun in the middle of hardship is like Light in the middle of darkness. 

�I’ve heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true.�

Grandpa Joe- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

MTV Rookie King: Channel Bangtan - Episode 1

LMAO. I’m starting to like other member besides V. <3

Kapag sinabihan ka ng ex mo na ang laki ng pinagbago mo…


Eto isagot mo, “Syempre inspirasyon ko ang panggagago mo!”


la*a123ing | do not edit.

Fierce Look of my Bias. :D Yeah, I&#8217;m one of the fans who support EXO especially Baekhyun. 

la*a123ing | do not edit.

Fierce Look of my Bias. :D Yeah, I’m one of the fans who support EXO especially Baekhyun.