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Low Grades

Dear Papa,

 Alam mo na po siguro ang mga Grades ko? Well, I know you’re very disappointed. Its been hard for me to balance my life now, without you. I felt like I really need the adjustments fixed in a minimal time but I can’t. I am very disappointed to my own Grades but I’m proud that I didn’t fail any.My grades are just LOW. I wished you were with us. I’ll do my best to change all those bad grades I have made this past two sem. I really need to stay at PUP. Hayyss, So help me pa. Guide me and protect us. I know you always would. I’ll get myself up again, and do the things that will make me better than usual. For you and for mama. Sorry that I got this kind of grades. I know you’ll say " Magsorry ka sa sarili mo kasi hindi naman ako magdadala nang mababang gradong yan." like you always say to me everytime na nakakakuha ako nang grade na mababa. I know you and Mama want the best for me. I miss you! I love you very much.


Posted on March/22/2013
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